How to Get From Riyadh to Al Ula

Journeying from Jeddah to Riyadh is possible with a range of travel options. Transfers are available from the mesmerizing coastal city of Jeddah to Riyadh’s bustling hub within a reasonable timeframe. The two cities are approximately 850 kilometers apart by air and span about 950 kilometers by road. While the duration of the journey can vary based on your chosen mode of transport, the excitement of Al Ula’s urban landscape is worth the travel.

Best Way to Get from Riyadh to Al Ula: Join a Tour

A guided tour is the best way to travel from Riyadh to Al Ula. Our Riyadh to Al Ula tours cover everything from accommodation to expert advice, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are a few of the best tours we offer:

  • 3 Day Hegra Tour from Riyadh: A highly recommended choice is this 3-Day Hegra Tour, providing you with the richest experience to experience the wonders of Al Ula. After a short flight, you’ll be picked up from the Al Ula airport to begin your tour. Not only will you be taken to the heart of Al Ula but also be taken through a jam-packed itinerary showcasing the region’s history and natural beauty.
  •  Hegra and Al Ula Half-Day Tour: The Hegra and Al Ula Half-Day Tour offers a sensory journey through the past as you wander Hegra’s iconic site. Marvel at the remains of the Nabataean Kingdom and Elephant Rock through the scenic Leopard Trail. As part of the package, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch and transport to all these spectacular sites.
  • Al Ula Old Town Day Tour: Our Al Ula Old Town Tour is a captivating walk into the past, where you’ll explore Old Market Street’s vibrant scene and the intricacies of the ancient town. From handicrafts to unique shops, this is an experience that seamlessly blends the richness of history with the buzz of modernity.
  •  Al Ula Moon & Stargazing Tour: Experience the mesmerizing night sky of Al Ula with our Stargazing Tour. Far from the city lights, you’ll be spellbound by the Milky Way and indulge in a traditional Bedouin-style dinner under a blanket of stars.

Other Ways to Get from Riyadh to Al Ula

How to Get from Riyadh to Al Ula by Air

For travelers pressed for time, flying offers the fastest option. Numerous airlines operate flights from Riyadh to Al Ula, including Saudia, Flyadeal, Flynas, and KLM. The quickest flight takes just 1h 5m. However, note that this mode of transportation can be more costly, ranging from $200 to $340.

How to Get from Riyadh to Al Ula by Bus

For those looking for a more economical mode of transport, shared bus transfers are available. SAPTCO, a reliable bus operator, offers services from Riyadh to Al Ula. This option is budget-friendly, though the journey may be time-consuming, typically taking around 8h 51m. Please note that these buses have fixed departure times, which are subject to change.

How to Get from Riyadh to Al Ula by Car

Driving from Riyadh to Al Ula is a feasible option for those seeking flexibility. You can either hire a taxi or rent a car, and the journey costs between $28 and $45, taking approximately 4h 57m. This provides the added advantage of exploring at your own pace and schedule.

Which Journey Will You Embark On?

Every journey from Riyadh to Al Ula is an opportunity to experience the enchanting beauty of Saudi Arabia’s cultural and natural landscapes. Whether you join a tour or decide to take the trip on your own, you are guaranteed an enriching journey.

Remember, no matter the mode of transport, the magic of Al Ula awaits you. Begin planning your adventure today with our tours from Riyadh.

For a more thorough understanding of Al Ula and its surrounding region, consider diving into our comprehensive Guide to Visiting Hegra and the Al Ula Valley. Additionally, our detailed guide on How to Get to Hegra and the Al Ula Valley provides extensive directions and tips to further ensure a seamless journey.

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