Celebrating the Saudi Seasons

The Saudi Seasons are a series of cultural festivals celebrating the heritage, culture, and history of Saudi Arabia. These seasons shouldn’t be confused with the seasonal times of the year, as the initiative was launched to promote tourism and economic growth in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Seasons are comprised of: Riyadh Season, Jeddah Season, Sharqiah Season, Aseer Season, Taif Season, Diriyah Season, and Al Ula Season. Each season is filled with fun events and festivities highlighting specific areas of Saudi Arabia. 

In this article, we will explore the history, purpose, and activities associated with each of the Saudi Seasons, and how tours can help you experience these seasons to their fullest.

What are Saudi Seasons?

Saudi Arabia Riyadh - Riyadh Historical Day Tour

Unlike the typical yearly seasons, the Saudi Seasons are a series of cultural festivals that take place in various locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project was launched in 2019 by the GEA to promote tourism in the country. Each season focuses on a different region or city, highlighting its unique heritage, setting, and culture. Events include international shows, concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, and more. Each season showcases the best time to visit each region.

The seven Saudi Seasons are: 

  • Riyadh Season (in March/April)
  • Jeddah Season (in April/May)
  • Sharqiah Season (in May/June)
  • Aseer Season (in June/July)
  • Taif Season (in July/August)
  • Diriyah Season (in August/September)
  • Al Ula Season (in October)

Each Saudi Season by Region

Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season is the first of the Saudi Seasons, taking place in March and April. The springtime weather of around 80॰F is perfect for enjoying concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, and conferences. The Riyadh Festival also features a range of outdoor activities to encourage people to explore the city’s many parks and natural attractions.

For a more intimate experience than the large-scale events, try a private tour. Our Insider Riyadh Private City Tour gives you an unparalleled look at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, the Murraba Palace, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al Turaif. Discover the 9 best things to do in Riyadh and what else to explore in this modern city on a layover.

Jeddah Season

Historical Jeddah - 9 Day Riyadh, Jeddah & Al Ula Tour Package

Jeddah Season is the second of the Saudi Seasons, taking place in April and May. Events in Jeddah include music performances, art exhibitions, and regional festivities. This season also encourages both residents and visitors to explore Jeddah’s beaches and shopping malls.

A cooking class is a truly unique way to celebrate the Jeddah season. Our Traditional Private Cooking Class & Lunch in Jeddah allows you to savor traditional Hejaz cuisine, a staple of this cultural city. Discover 8 more things to do in Jeddah while you’re here and find out how to get from Jeddah to Riyadh to explore both riveting cities.

Sharqiah Season

Sharqiah season race

The Sharqiah Season is held in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia during May and June. The region is known for its beautiful coastline and low humidity, making it the perfect time to visit the beach. You can also take part in a car rally from Al-Ahsa to Dammam, a camel race in Hofuf (the capital of Al-Ahsa), an international kite festival in Jubail, and much more. This is just one of the 6 reasons to visit Saudi Arabia, from its hidden gems to its unique fun activities.

You can explore Al-Ahsa beyond the car rally with the Insider Al Ahsa Private Tour from Riyadh. You’ll get to fully immerse yourself in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, seeing both man-made wonders and the beauty of the nearby mountains.

Aseer Season

Aseer Season is held in the southwest region of Saudi Arabia during June and July. The weather is incredibly hot during this season, averaging over 100॰F. However, Saudis still manage to have fun with a variety of traditional dances, popular music performances, camel races, and vendors selling local cuisine. Just make sure to stay hydrated!

Aseer is quite close to Hegra – an archeological site that features beautifully preserved artifacts from an ancient Nabatean kingdom. The best way to see it is with a tour, like the 3-Day Saudi Arabia & Hegra Tour From Riyadh.

Taif Season

Beautiful mountain pass in Al Taif, Saudi arabia - 2 Day Jeddah & Taif Tour

Taif Season is held annually throughout July and August in the city of Taif and surrounding areas. The city hosts a variety of exciting events, including music shows and local competitions. The season also includes an international marathon that takes place in the city’s historical sites. If marathons aren’t your speed, you can explore the rich history of Taif on your own with a tour. This Insider Taif Tour from Jeddah gives you access to the Taif mountains, markets, architecture, and of course – an insightful guide every step of the way.

Diriyah Season

The Diriyah Season takes place in August and September and is the fifth season of the year. It is based in Diriyah, the ancient home of the Saudi royal family – or House of Saud. The season celebrates Diriyah’s rich history with events such as traditional markets, heritage tours, camel races, and others. Surround yourself with the region’s culture while you’re there with this Diriyah Half-Day Tour from Riyadh. Here, you’ll see buildings both ancient and new, and hear tales of the first Saudi Kingdom.

Al Ula Season

Elephant Rock - Al Ula - Al Ula Moon & Stargazing Day Tour

Al Ula Season begins in October and celebrates the culture and traditions of Al Ula, an ancient city located in the northwest of the country. As the weather transitions from summer to winter, the climate is pleasant and perfect for outdoor art shows and activities. After the daytime festivities are over, see how Al Ula is illuminated at night with our Al Ula Moon & Stargazing Tour. Escape the city to a desert observation arch, allowing you to see the Milky Way and constellations clearer than ever before. Read up on Al Ula with this handy guide and dive deep into its mystical wonders.

Explore the Saudi Seasons with Us

The Saudi Seasons are a great way to experience the culture, heritage, and history of Saudi Arabia. Through these seasons, visitors can explore different regions of the country while attending unique events and activities that celebrate each location’s identity.

Our Saudi Arabia tours, like the ones mentioned in this article, take you to all the key sites in the country. With plenty of options to choose from, there’s something for every traveler. Browse our great selection of luxurious hotels and study up on what to wear in Saudi Arabia to best prepare for your next great adventure.

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